The Importance of a Keyword Strategy

Keyword planning and strategy go a long way.

The importance of a keyword strategy should not be underestimated for your website, including blog posts and products.

Keywords are words that a person may enter into a search engine to find the service or product they are searching for.

When thinking of a keyword strategy you need to try to think like your customers; the terms they would use to find your services. This is an important factor, as you, as a business owner, may think in the terms concerning your business sector and not what your target customers may be searching for with their keyword search terms.

Your keyword strategy needs to be site wide, but also specific to any new posts or products.

One important factor to also consider is that keywords can also include terms like ‘your keyword near me’ – as people may often speak into their devices to get search results, so they may say ‘hotels near me’ and Google (or other search engines) will then use location data to try to find search results matching the keywords the searcher has used.

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